About Glenn

Glenn B. Swift had his first year of lessons in the Alexander Technique from Brian Warren in 1983, as a core unit at drama school in Western Australia. He qualified to teach the Alexander Technique in the Sydney (Australia) course directed by Christine Ackers, Andrea Beasley and Vivien Mackie (1985-1987).

Being both clever and keen, he undertook post-graduate terms at the Constructive Teaching Centre (W.H.M. Carrington, Holland Park, London) in 1989 and 1991, and made many  pilgrimages for further study and private lessons from the Antipodes to London. In 1988 he joined Brian Warren and taught for many years at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, teaching in the acting, music theatre, jazz and classical courses. He now combines his private practice in Perth with annual forays into Europe and South America as guest teacher at many Teacher Training Schools.

Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Yaroslavl (Russia), Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim – the Alexander technique is his International Passport to working holidays!

In Western Australia he teaches actors, singers, musicians, school teachers, horse riders, public speakers from every profession and serves as the AUSTAT representative to the International Affiliated Societies. He combines his private practice in Fremantle with a busy circuit of community libraries where he is demand as a storyteller.

His ambition is to really enjoy dancing Tango, and maybe Swing dancing.

In Teacher Training Courses and conferences he teaches a variety of games and workshops including “How to Hop Like a Kangaroo”, ” How to Walk the Other Way” and “Inhibition Applied to Storytelling and Conversation”. He also spouts off Classic Australian Bush Poetry in the tradition of F.M. Alexander, unless you stop him.